Dynamic Mechanical Energy Systems

Breakthroughs from Dynmes, Ifusionsoft and Aircom Industries



This (Breakthrough) is a stand-alone generator unit that could work along side existing power sources or alone to help increase power output and/or help cut down energy costs. This technology can be used for emergency services, to help increase wind and solar efficiency as well as be integrated into battery storage systems.

Currently, Dynmes and Aircom are working on a new process, using the DGP1 with storgage to cut fuel usage down when drilling for oil or gas. Research indicates this system can help cut costs down by at least 50% in fuel usage which also helps cut down the carbon footprint of oil and gas drilling.

TIE Process Power Managment Process (Breakthrough for clean energy production and storage)

This process has no moving parts and could be integrated into almost any energy production source to help increase and manage storage medium power. This process could be scaled to any size desired and could be easily adapted to electric automobile storage systems to improve range and efficiency. Dynmes has designed a process that recharges many types of storage in minutes instead of hours. This system would also minimize the cost to scale up.


Ifusionsoft, and Dynmes have designed a solar tree (concept) that generates energy at 40%+ efficiency. The iSolar tree uses a “split-cell” architecture that improves energy efficiency.

It provides direct AC connectivity connection to a battery and can be connected to a single family home’s primary electric system.


Do not confuse any of Dynmes or ifusionsoft process systems with "Perpetual Motion or PM Type" machines. We claim no such thing.

{Perpetual motion describes hypothetical machines that operate or produce useful work indefinitely and, more generally, hypothetical machines that produce more work or energy than they consume, whether they might operate indefinitely or notAny device that could output more power than it took in would violate the Law of Energy Conservation in physics, namely that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted. 
These machines are not likely as they defy certain laws of physics and thermodynamics. 
However:  While the laws of physics are incomplete and stating that physical things are absolutely impossible is un-scientific, "impossible" is used in common parlance to describe those things which absolutely cannot occur within the context of our current formulation of physical laws.