Dynamic Mechanical Energy Systems

                                                             Current Projects

The United States:
Dynmes, along with several partners and groups, is planning to build a Technology Research Center which would house a data center, a research lab, future technology educational facility, a drone communications and AI portal.  
Parts of the project will include robotics, artificial Inelligence and the subsets there-of to establish what could be the most powerful and fastest neural network on the planet. The plan calls for over 150 locations throughout the US.

Dynmes has been and is currently active in several areas and projects In Colombia.

  • Shipping ports on the Caribbean coast.
  • Oil and Natural gas
  • Rail
  • Airports
  • Coal
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Housing and Infrastructure
  • Agro-industrial projects.

Dynmes is a partner consultant on $14 billion dollar PVPA Shipping Port project providing energy, technical, and project management assistance.

Dynmes is helping to build a crypto mining and power dam expansion project in Guatemala.  

Dynmes Renewable Energy and Modernization Corridor.
Dynmes proposes an industrial corridor following a path of the Trans-African Highway "8" that spans the continent between Lagos, Nigeria to Zanzibar, Tanzania.
With proper environmental consideration this corridor could be populated with renewable energy and agriculture creating industry and jobs, food and energy, and the fuels for modernization. This corridor would create a beltway for coast to coast shipping via truck, rail and pipelines creating the ability to access resources that never before were possible. 
This 4000 mile corridor would industrialize the continent with minimal impact to forests and animal habitats. 
The "Dream" corridor plan seeks ideas, donations, funding, participatation and support from sources of interest from around the world.

Dynmes has been involved with many different types of projects all around the world.